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The new champion, Yone has officially arrived in League of Legends: Wild Rift with his own event called Yone’s Arrival. The event tasks players into completing missions to  unlock prizes such as Blue Motes, Profile Icons, and Baubles. Players can also unlock the new Wild Rift champion Yone for free just by progressing through the event. The new champion is classified as an Assassin champion and is suitable in the Baron or Middle lane. The Wild Rift Yone’s Arrival Event will only be available until 5th October. However, the date and time may be subject to change and vary for each region.
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A new Assassin champion has arrived in Wild Rift. In the lore, Yone was a swordsman who was accidentally killed by his own half-brother Yasuo. He now roams the spirit realm in search of malevolent entities.
Players can unlock the new champion Yone for free by earning a total of 90 event XP in the Wild Rift Yone’s Arrival event. Aside from the new champion, there are also other interesting collectibles that players can acquire through the event.
Completing all the missions below will provide players with 1,000 Blue Motes and enough event XP to win all the rewards for the Wild Rift Yone’s Arrival Event. However, players can only complete one mission at a time before another mission unlocks.
The event missions are pretty straightforward and can be easily finished in one to two games. Playing Co-op vs AI games would make it faster to complete the missions.
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Earning enough event XP will unlock certain rewards that players can collect. Reaching 90 XP points will unlock the new Wild Rift champion Yone for free.
Aside from the Yone’s Arrival Event, players can expect more surprises from Riot Games in the future as teased in the Wild Rift Patch 3.4 update.
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