Vietnam needs deep processing to develop agricultural products and reduce post-harvest losses –

Vietnam’s processing industry only meets about 8 to 10 per cent of the annual fruit and vegetable output. This lack of processing industry is causing huge economic post-harvest losses due to damaged fruits and vegetables. In fact, Vietnam’s annual fruit and vegetable output has reached 31 million tons, but processing rates are only around 12 to 17 per cent. As a result, the processing industry only meets about 8 to 10 per cent of the fruit and vegetable output’s annual output.
Nông Ngọc Trung, Chairman of Golden Field Agriculture and Forestry Joint Stock Company: “A large agriculture industry without processing technology will make it difficult for the consumption of agricultural products to succeed.”
That is why Trung said the application of deep post-harvest technology was key to reducing logistics costs, opening and accessing many markets worldwide, and increasing product value. “For a long time, we’ve often consumed fruit products in fresh form. Meanwhile, transporting fresh fruit to the market faces many risks of loss, minimising economic value. When importing Vietnamese fruits, other countries must also carry out the processing. If we process products right at the raw material area, the economic value will certainly increase much higher.”
The director said the new drying technology was ten times cheaper than conventional technology and the output product has outstanding quality in color and taste.
Still, to increase the value of post-harvest agricultural products, it is necessary to reorganise production and material areas to promote chain production to ensure raw materials for processing, according to experts.
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