‘Valorant’ Teams Already Have $25K A Month Salaries According To Report – Forbes

Valorant players are making a lot of money already.
Despite the pro scene in Valorant only just getting started a new report has suggested that some teams are making more than $25,000 a month in salary alone. 
A report from Graham Ashton on The Esports Observer has stated that the average salary for a Valorant team featuring five players can range anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 per month. 
This would suggest that some players are already on $60,000 a year deals, which presumably does not include extra sponsorship money or prize money. The sources responsible for the information have also said that some top players are already on considerably more than that. 
In the world of esports, those aren’t exactly staggering numbers, after all the minimum salary in the LCS League of Legends competition is $75,000 per year for a single player, but for a game as new as Valorant that figure does seem to be high. 
Valorant has only been available to everyone for a little over a month, having launched on June 2, with a closed beta running for a couple of months before that. In that time we have seen a lot of tournaments, including some that have significant prize pools, but it is hard to see how any organization would be able to make a profit from a team when paying them $25,000 a month. 
From the perspective of the organizations paying the teams this is clearly a bet for the future, hoping that they can sign players that go on to be megastars within Valorant and win some major championships. Success like this opens up a lot of revenue streams, and success early in a games life can lead to big returns further down the line. 
You can also assume that the players being paid this much are pretty happy with the deal too. They are getting paid good money to play a game they enjoy, and with limited top-level tournaments happening it’s not like their schedule is jam-packed. 
So with both parties seemingly being happy with the high amounts teams are being paid already there seems to be no real downsides. However, you only have to look at other titles such as PUBG to see why major investment in esports and players so early in a games life can be harmful. 
With so much being spent on players there needs to be some kind of return on the investment at some point, and as we saw with PUBG, if viewership cannot be sustained then the opportunities for that return to come in drop significantly. Had players been on lower salaries then breaking even on the team would have been much easier, but with so much money invested and lower than anticipated viewer numbers most major organizations have since bailed on PUBG and now the money is nowhere close to what it once was for players. 
Too much too early really can be detrimental to an esport, and while Valorant is arguably in a better position to capitalize as an esport than PUBG was when it launched, there is no guarantee that it will be successful. Only time will tell on this one.


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