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In 2022, the live casino sector is booming more than ever before, and there are two games that top the market. No, they are not your traditional games like roulette or blackjack, but are instead the latest evolution of online gaming – live game shows, also known as live entertainment shows.
One of these two games is even potentially available to Nigerian players, so you’ll be interested to read why these games are so popular, and where to go play!
Evolution Crazy Time and Playtech Adventures Beyond Wonderland are the two games we’re talking about. They use a money wheel, also known as wheel-of-fortune, and a live human presenter who spins the wheel.
The wheel has lots of segments it can stop on, 54, and there are four bonus rounds that can be triggered. The goal of the game is to place a bet and win one of the bonus rounds, although the other segments will also award a cash prize.
Game 1: Crazy Time
This is a game that’s designed to be thrilling to play, and to issue huge wins that players will then brag about on social media. This is how hype is created, Evolution knows the game well, so this is the more popular game of the two.
The best wins will come from bonus rounds, particularly Crazy Time bonus round, although Pachinko and Cash Hunt are very rewarding as well. This is a crazy game indeed, it’s a wheel-of-fortune that might give you a huge win.
Game 2: Adventures Beyond Wonderland
This is a game that’s undeservedly second to Evolution’s product even if it’s a copy of it. It’s a good copy with a better house edge, so you can play it for longer if the starting budget is the same.
Crucially, in Adventures Beyond Wonderland there is less variance between the good and bad wins once you do win something in a bonus round, which is very good for most players as they’ll be winning more consistently. For comparison, in Crazy Time even when you trigger a bonus round it might be a bad win.
Which game is better?
Most players agree that Crazy Time is the better game, although this might be influenced by the overall popularity of Evolution and its presence in online casinos. Playtech is much less frequently found in online casinos so this might be the reason why Adventures Beyond Wonderland is considered the second most popular game. Furthermore, the Playtech product is a copy of Evolution’s groundbreaking game, so it will always be #2.
That being said, there’s one crucial difference between the two games. Crazy Time has higher winnings and higher volatility, while Adventures Beyond Wonderland issues smaller wins but is a much less volatile game. Meaning, it’s easier to play, it’s just that the maximum possible win is a bit smaller. But the house edge is smaller and the bonus round wins are more consistent.
Can either of these games be played from Nigeria?
Evolution doesn’t accept players from unregulated markets, and as we know, Nigeria is very unregulated. That means Crazy Time is off limits unless you have a way to play with a UK account. Playtech is different, they accept all markets, and so does Bet365 Casino, so you might want to head over there and see if you can play Adventures Beyond Wonderland. If you can play, one thing is for sure – you’ll have to play in dollars or euros as Bet365 doesn’t accept naira.
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