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Do you love the lottery? 😍 We love the lottery too! ❤️
Is the lottery on the rise in Nigeria? It’s always been that way!
We have gathered the top best online lottery websites and analysed their offerings. A thrilling read awaits you – beware!
Our top picks for the best online lottery websites are listed below.

  • Best multinational and international lotteries – 24Lottos
  • Oldest online lottery site – TheLotter
  • Best payout – Premier Lotto (Baba Ijebu)
  • Best odds – Golden Chance Lotto
  • Best bookmarker – Lottomania Nigeria

24Lottos is probably the best lottery platform out there, ranked #1; its messenger service purchases lottery tickets for its players. The great news is that it has a licence from the NLRC making its operation legal in Nigeria.

One of its high points is its pricing system is top notch as players get a chance to purchase single-line tickets as opposed to other sites imposing multiple-lines for each purchase.

How Does It Work?

24Lottos is responsible for having representatives in every country where we feature a lottery. 24Lottos agents buy tickets after you purchase them. An agent will visit a local store and buy a ticket with your selected numbers. A ticket confirmation will be sent to your email immediately. By doing this, you can be sure you’ll enter the particular drawing with the numbers you’ve selected. You can even choose your lucky numbers now!
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Why 24Lottos Stands out?

  • Players can play international lotteries
  • Play games with the comfort of your mobile
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal methods
  • User-friendly site
  • Players’ winnings are transferred immediately to their wallets
  • Has huge Jackpot offerings! No one can match!
  • Has a welcome bonus(discount) on every lottery you play for the first time
  • Has great customer support service via email and chat
  • Winnings are paid – FAST!
  • Has excellent security & protection of players’ data

Why don’t you sign up to enjoy these features on 24Lottos?

TheLotter is the oldest online lottery service that allows its members to play international lotteries online from the comfort of their homes.
This lotto service offers more than 50 lottery games that feature some of the world’s largest jackpots.
They have been in service for over 14 years and provide an excellent and user-friendly online lotto service.
Here are some benefits of playing on TheLotter:

  • They feature over 50 lotteries
  • Good customer support
  • The games are easy to play and
  • They have easy money deposits and withdrawals methods

Does that sound good? Sign up with TheLotter

Premier Lotto Limited (PLL), also known as Baba Ijebu, is a Nigerian Gaming Company incorporated in 2001.
Baba Ijebu has gained considerable fame through its daily drawings and regular prize distributions.
Baba Ijebu games feature fixed odds opportunities that include a couple of modes, which players can choose from. Baba Ijebu is distinguished from other lotteries by this feature. Baba Ijebu would be a good choice if you’re looking for a lottery game that stands out from that, which is usual.
Here are some of the advantages of playing Premier Lotto:

  • It has a legal licence to operate its service
  • Drawings are held every day of the week.
  • The pricing system is favourable to players as they can choose how much to bet.
  • They offer permutation games, similar to the Ghana games.
  • Drawings are televised and broadcast live.
  • Can be played via terminals, mobile phones, and online

Baba Ijebu result for today

Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited (Golden Chance Lotto) is a Lottery business in Nigeria set up in February 2005 to engage in Lotto services. Golden Chance Lotto is regulated by the National Lotteries Regulatory Commission (NLRC), and all the various regulatory bodies in all the states in Nigeria.
For players, who enjoy playing a wide range of bets the Golden chance lotto is the one for you as they feature 11 bet types. This makes the Golden Chance lotto super exciting to play.
Listed below are some reasons why you might enjoy their games:

  • It is easy to place a bet online
  • Play Ghana LottoLottery winnings are not subjected to tax
  • They have points of sales over the country
  • They hold multiple draws everyday
  • They offer a lot of promotions
  • It’s legal and reliable as they hold a gaming licence with NLRC.

Golden Chance Lotto result for today


LOTTOMANIA Nigeria Limited (LNL) is a company incorporated to carry out the business of lotteries and related gaming activities to change the daily lives of Nigerians.

  • Lottomania Nigeria is the best bookmarker for the 5/90 games.
  • The games can be played on terminals, mobile phones, and online
  • Offers a one-time or multi-draw option

Play Ghana Lotto online (Powered by Lottomania Nigeria)
What are your lucky numbers???? Pick them below.

Several Factors Contribute to This Ranking:

You may be thinking about what criteria are used to make these selections.
While there are a lot of online lottery platforms out there a few stand out hence we have made it easy to select the most outstanding based on their offerings and legal standing.

  • Licence: the aforementioned lottery sites are duly registered and are regulated lottery commission
  • Website: the sites are user-friendly and require little or no assistance in playing their games
  • Prize payouts: winners are awarded to players when due
  • Bonuses: some lotteries offer mouth-watering bonuses, while others provide syndication to help players get the cash to win more
  • Variety of games: there is a wide range of games and bets for players to participate in
  • Convenience: apart from playing online from the comfort of your home, some of the lotteries offer mobile phone(USSD) betting and the use of terminals
  • Payment options: the lottery sites have easy deposit/withdrawal methods and ensure the safety of the player’s data.

Tips/Strategy for Winning the Lotto

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a few tips to win the lottery.

  1. First and foremost winning the lottery is strictly based on a person’s luck as the lottery is a game of chance. But belief is an important factor in success! So start believing!
  2. Another strategy to employ while playing the lottery is to buy more tickets. We do, however, encourage responsible gambling. Please seek help if you feel that gambling consumes all your earnings.
  3. Try prediction tables and software. Many platforms offer prediction services and software to help players win.
  4. Take part in lotteries with low jackpots. The odds of winning these lotteries are higher, according to research. The fewer numbers to catch the better the odds!

In a nutshell

These lottery platforms mentioned above are the best lottery sites for gaming online in Nigeria, offering excellent services. They also pay out winnings quickly. Good luck playing!
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