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Native freshwater species are an integral part of inland waters and contribute significantly to the biodiversity of the environment. However, these fish are among the rapidly declining freshwater resources due to several factors such as overfishing, declining water quality, silting, illegal fishing, inappropriate and accidental introduction of alien species, and climate change. The management of native freshwater species through sustainable programs and initiatives is critical and requires multiple focused strategies to address concerns and issues related to their promotion and conservation.
This is where DA-BFAR’s National Inland Fisheries Technology Center (NIFTC) intervenes. Through NIFTC’s Indigenous Freshwater Hatchery, the Department has established breeding techniques for a variety of freshwater fish species as a result of comprehensive, innovative, data-driven research and development. “Through NIFTC, we are already working with the National Fisheries Research and Development Laboratory to develop breeding methods for native freshwater fish species. We thank and applaud the dedication to hatcheries and research facilities amidst the challenges of the pandemic.
Finally, reviving the populations of these native species through captive breeding is an integral part of our natural aquatic ecosystems. and the uniqueness of biodiversity,” said DA-BFAR OIC Director Nestor Domenden. The department aims to revitalize the Philippines’ fisheries and aquaculture sector. The organization focuses on upgrading existing programs such as fisheries, fish farming, processing equipment and facilities, innovation by encouraging unconventional production systems, and marine aquaculture parks.
In celebration of DA-BFRAR’s 59th Fish Conservation Week, the Steering Committee held Techno-His demonstrations and tours for media staff at his NIFTC in Tanay, Rizal to promote fish conservation, especially for Filipino consumers. Raised awareness of fish species that are no longer seen on the market. . Through the media tour, the Steering Committee hopes to provide stakeholders with information and first-hand experience of how hatcheries work and are important for conservation and sustainable fish production.
These landmark initiatives are important steps toward achieving food security and realizing the goal of making the nation’s food self-sufficient.
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