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The 2022 NFL season will begin in two weeks as the Bears kick off their season against the San Francisco 49ers. Although Chicago is predicted to be in a rebuilding year due to a new head coach and young roster, all eyes will be on second-year quarterback Justin Fields and his growth. One of the growing criticisms of new general manager Ryan Poles this past offseason was his inability in not adding an elite pass-catcher to assist with Fields’ growth, but now the Miami Dolphins may have a potential solution for the Bears’ lingering offensive need.
The Miami Dolphins earlier this week made news as it’s rumored that the team is open to trading their talented tight end Mike Gesicki, who is playing on the franchise tag this season. Gesicki is regarded as one of the better and more promising tight ends in the NFL as he is expected to be the most sought-after tight end in free agency next offseason. The Dolphins’ tight end has averaged over 63 receptions, 742 receiving yards, and four touchdowns over the past two seasons.
The #Dolphins have explored a trade with other teams regarding franchise tagged TE Mike Gesicki, per PFF.
Gesicki caught 73 passes for 780 yards last year but was used mostly as a WR. Now under a new coaching staff, he has seen additional snaps in pre-season in a different role.
— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) August 24, 2022

Although the Bears’ offense already features a proven tight end in Cole Kmet, the offense still lacks proven pass-catchers that can consistently make a difference. Along with Kmet, Chicago’s passing attack only features one explosive wide receiver in Darnell Mooney, as a proven threat for Fields to throw to. The addition of Gesicki would add another proven offensive threat that would provide the Bears’ offense with needed versatility and depth. Both tight ends last season combined for over 133 receptions.
Gesicki and Kmet would give the Bears one of the league’s best tight end combinations and creative significant issues for opposing defense when trying to defend the middle of the field. The tight end position is vital to new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy’s scheme as it will be similar to Kyle Shannahan’s offense in San Francisco. Getsy’s offense will feature several play-action and boot-leg passing designs, with the tight end position providing either short or deep passing targets.
Sweet one-handed catch from Mike Gesicki!
— Michael Fabiano (@Michael_Fabiano) November 7, 2021

Gesicki would be similar to 49ers’ All-Pro tight end George Kittle as he is capable of running all types of routes and is a severe matchup problem for any opposing defense. The current Dolphin’s tight end has increased his reception and receiving yards each season over his first four seasons in the league. Gesicki’s numbers are even more impressive given Miami’s consistent struggles on offense and constant change at the quarterback position between Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jacoby Brissett.
If the Bears’ were to trade for Gesicki, the tight end would catch passes from Fields, who is Chicago’s quarterback, unless an injury occurs. The Bears’ offense would have much-needed depth at the tight end position if Kmet were to go down with an injury. Additionally, Chicago would be better able to guise their offense with two tight end formations forcing opposing defenses to guess whether the next play is a run or pass, which a play-action offensive scheme would greatly benefit.
Creative shot play from Kyle Shanahan in 2015. The deep crossing route coming from the backside opens up the throwback to the tight end.
— Bobby Peters (@b_peters12) April 4, 2018

Although the Dolphins will likely try to re-sign Gesicki before trading him, the team could be more open to moving the tight end if the right offer comes along. Poles could deal a mid-round draft selection for next year’s draft for the tight end and would have the salary cap space to provide a contract extension. Trading and signing Gesicki to a contract extension would also save Poles the risk of losing the tight end in free agency if another NFL offers a more lucrative contract.
With the Khalil Mack trade, the Chicago Bears are slated to have approx. $121M in cap space in 2023.
One-hundred-and-twenty-one million dollars.
— Laurie Horesh (@LaurieHoresh) March 10, 2022

Chicago’s offseason was disappointing as the team needed to add an elite wide receiver to help Fields but was unable to do so. Poles initial goal was to wait for free agency next offseason as the wide-receiver class was expected to be filled with elite talent. Unfortunately, all prominent NFL wide receivers projected to reach free agency in 2023 either re-signed with their current team or were traded and provided contract extensions by their new team. Although Gesicki is a tight end, his presence would still greatly assist with Fields’ development at the quarterback position.
Having two talented tight ends would allow Getsy to get creative with his offense and how he would deploy Mooney, Kmet, and Gesicki in the passing game. One of the main reasons why Chicago’s offensive coordinator has implemented this specific scheme is to take advantage of his quarterback’s mobility. The boot-leg passing plays are designed to get Fields out of the pocket and an option to scramble if none of his targets are open to throw to. Having Gesicki and Kmet would lead to more linebackers failing to protect against a quarterback scramble and give Chicago’s quarterback more chances to make plays by running the ball.
The scrambling ability of Justin Fields is ELITE.
His combination of both strength and speed is hard to come by. There’s only a few other QB’s who could make this play.
— Josh DeLuca (@JoshDeLuca4) June 20, 2022

A trade for Gesicki would be a massive victory for both Fields and Poles, as Chicago’s offense would become significantly better immediately. The Dolphins’ tight end is a promising talent who can make a consistent and immense impact on the Bears’ passing offense for years to come. Poles needs to consider a potential trade as it would be the first prominent acquisition he would make as general manager for the Bears.
“Gesicki would be similar to 49ers’ All-Pro tight end George Kittle.” No he would not. Kittle is an all around TE who can pass block, run block, and run routes. Gesicki is one dimensional. Why do you think Mike McDaniel is shopping him?
Time for the Ryan pace fans out there to let go.the new Gm in town is building through the draft.not passing out draft picks like candy to overpay a receiver diva
Gesicki is a big smooth receiver. He’s excellent in the red zone. It’s true that he’s weak at blocking and he wants his payday. Consider that he was the best player in Miami until they traded for Tyreek Hill (because Miami desperately needed more talent). However, Miami probably should have paid their homegrown talent in Gesicki and I don’t blame Gesicki for wanting to leave a trash heap with a scummy owner. He’s from Penn State and he could fit into Chicago just fine. I think my approach as a GM would be, OK what is the price and I’m… Read more »
I am content to let Poles, and his HC, OC, DC decide what / who they think is best for the Bears!!
Bootlegs to get Fields moving…imagineif they cared about doing that for Trubisky…………………..
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