Super Eagles Players Kick Against The New Nike Jersey Design- It's Too Casual – OwnGoal Nigeria

The recently released new design of kits for the various football national teams of Nigeria have not gone down well with players of the senior national team of Nigeria just three days after it was officially unveiled by Nike.
It is a tradition that teams get new designs of jerseys in a world cup year and despite the failure to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, the kit partners of the Nigerian team Nike released their new set of range.
However the buzz that followed the release of their kit for the 2018 World Cup in Russia isn’t the same as this with no news on it being sold out unlike last time out when it sold out in less than 24 hours. sought to hear from players of the senior national team of Nigeria and as many as four of them voiced their displeasure over the design of the kit saying it’s too casual and nothing close to the previous kits.
” The kit is a trending topic amomg us and the general agreement is that it’s not up to the level of the last one. This one is too casual. More like what you wear at home when having a rest”, one of the players said.
Another one who also spoke on the condition of anonymity said he initially thought it was the usual internet jokes and suggestions untill he was told it’s real. ” I thought it was just a suggestion or joke taken too far then all of a sudden it’s for real . Cute though but too casual”, he said.
Two players of the team who were together when we called one of them both said the casual nature of the new design makes it look like what school kids should use and not senior professionals.
” More like what kids will wear for their games. For senior professional that isn’t it. However you don’t win a game by jersey design”.


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