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After dropping BLACKPINK into the action, PUBG Mobile, the mobile game adaptation of PUBG: Battlegrounds, has now announced a new partnership with Jung Ho Yeon. The model and Squid Game star will be serving as the Nusa Commissioner in the Version 2.2 Update.
Earlier this month, PUBG Mobile introduced Nusa, a beautiful new island map on which players can expect fast-paced and thrilling skirmishes against scenic backdrops, with its Version 2.2 Update.
Celebrating the new map, gamers can collect a series of Ho Yeon-themed cosmetics by purchasing crates. Included in the crates is the “Ho Yeon Operation Erangel Set,” “Ho Yeon Purple Crown – Pan Skin,” “Ho Yeon Queen of Thorns Ornament,” and “Ho Yeon Deadly Kiss – Kar98K Skin.”
The Nusa map is available on PUBG Mobile now and the Ho Yeon-themed cosmetics will arrive September 23.
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