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Project: Bloodstrike is a new first-person shooter game for mobile devices developed by Netease Games, a Chinese Internet technology company well known for games like Cyber Hunter, King of Hunter, LifeAfter, and several others. It is based on a Battle Royale-style roguelike framework and shares gameplay elements with Call of Duty Warzone, but it also differs from Warzone in a few important ways that make it more mobile-friendly. With only the Philippines currently having early access to the Project: Bloodstrike, more countries will be added to the list in the near future.
Since battle royale games are now so prevalent, creators must include distinctive features to make their games stand out in this crowded market. Project: Bloodstrike has many aspects in common with other battle royale video games on the market, but it also stands out in several specific ways. Giving players the chance to select which of several agents they would play throughout a match is one of them.
Each agent has unique qualities and skills that, depending on how the players can use them to their advantage, can alter the entire course of the game, thus choosing an agent shouldn’t be solely based on how attractive they are.
In addition, participants in the game have access to a variety of weaponry. Each player starts out with a handgun and a finite quantity of ammo when they land on the map. From there, they can explore the area to uncover stronger weapons and attachments.
Another aspect of the game is that players can earn money during matches by visiting different locations and requesting loadout drops, which contain valuable items like rare weapons and equipment. This tool is incredibly helpful and is comparable to utilizing a flare gun in PUBG Mobile. In order to give players a rich gaming experience, Project: Bloodstrike also features dynamic graphics and a constantly changing weather environment in the levels.
There is currently no information about the game’s iOS release; it is exclusively accessible in the Philippines through the Google Play Store. Players outside the region can either wait for the game to reach their territories or utilize a VPN to play the game because it is offered in early access mode. Players can also sign up for their official discord server to be informed about the most recent game news.
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