Odd Ball: Pascal Gaming introduces new crash game – Gambling Insider

Pascal Gaming has introduced Odd Ball, a new crash game.
The supplier noted that the game caters to not only online but offline players, providing them with an opportunity to “enjoy this soon-to-be-favourite Odd Ball game in retail locations”.
Designed to provide players with exciting activities, Odd Ball is a non-stop game based on football motives. Once a player kicks the ball, the round progresses and the ball continues to fly. Here, the odds start to increase from x1.00 and randomly stop. The longer the ball flies, the higher the odds get, and at the end of the round, the odds burst and the ball flies into the net.
A statement from Pascal Gaming read: “Players can join the game at any time. All crash enthusiasts can now enjoy their beloved online game in a real football environment. With its unique content, new and attractive markets and traditional auto cashout bets, Odd Ball promises to generate huge interest in the game and create an engaging playing experience.
“The game is available in bet shops, ready to attract all fun lovers with its fair gameplay and thereby become highly profitable for operators, increasing their income and expanding their businesses.”
Earlier this week, Pascal Gaming launched Gravity, a new solution that aims to bring online games into an offline setting, complete with unique features and functionality. For example, it will offer players simultaneous bets on up to the next 20 rounds, and provide operators with flexible bet limits.


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