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Cristian Ciuraneta
Netflix continues to bet on all kinds of video game adaptations, whether in the form of series or movies, both animated and live-action, through a more than interesting catalog for all fans of the entertainment industry. As time goes by, we see how new productions based on current and past games are arriving, all of this to bring to the general public our passion: video games.
There are many Netflix adaptations based on video games, from the most recent ones like Cuphead or Arcane to others already consolidated like Castlevania or some of the different animated productions based on Resident Evil, not without forgetting one of the platform’s own big names like The Witcher, a live-action series starring Henry Cavill that takes elements from both the original novels by Andrzej Sapkowski and the video games by CD Projekt RED.
We do not want to forget the different works inspired by Pokémon, the Sonic series (including its live action movie) or live action movies inspired by Resident Evil, Warcraft or Assassin’s Creed, as well as other products that, although they do not adapt specific titles, are inspired by the world of video games, such as Hi Score Girl or Pixels, among others.
Below is a list of titles available on the platform:
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