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Coming in as a finalist for the Marketing Events Awards 2020 was Heineken Vietnam Brewery and its agency P2P Marketing Communications for Best consumer event: product launch / re-launch.
The work that caught the judges’ eyes was its internal launching event for its new brand Heineken Silver. Heineken Silver is created in Vietnam for Millennials born in the 1980s, 1990s, or early 2000s. The launch event then sought to inspire the brand essence “Welcome to a fresher world”, as well as deliver Heineken Silver’s brand belief: “If you look at life with a fresh perspective, you will enjoy it more”. 
The brand saw that it had several key challenges. The first challenge was to change the youth’s perception of Heineken beer given that Heineken is a well-known premium beer brand for middle-aged and high-income drinkers on special occasions in Vietnam. Therefore, it wasn’t a go-to choice for Millennials and youths when they thought of beer. Through the new brand and this event, the brand wanted to change the younger generation’s perspective on the brand. The second challenge was to convince Millennials that Heineken Silver can meet their needs and Heineken Silver is the best companion of Millennials in Vietnam. Last but not least, its third challenge was to set up the launch event in a limited time. Since the launch event was held after a conference on the same day and at the same location, the team only had one and half hour to prepare and transform the conference set-up to the launch event set-up. 
Millennials was chosen to be Heineken Silver’s target group because the generation was the first to grow up in a period of rapid technological change, globalisation and economic disruption. As a result, Millennials’ outlook on life is sharply different from previous generations. They are dedicated to positive lifestyles, and tend to take matters into their own hands and make positive lifestyle choices.
Based on mission and essence of both, the team dug out three factors that can make Heineken Silver relevant to the Millennial thinking.  
A key idea of “The odyssey into Millennials’ fresher world” was created, which aimed to appeal to Millennials via three paths: a fresher look (technology), smoother taste (transformation), as well as the brand’s young spirit (freshness).
The launch event had three major components: visual and decoration, performance, and the Heineken Blue Moment. For the visual and decoration, the Heineken team used 3D visual mapping to create a “Heineken Laboratory”, allowing audiences to immerse in the experience while unveiling the new brand. Using various visuals, the event took the audience on an exciting journey from outer space to major cities around the world and across Vietnam through the eyes of Millennials, and aimed to inspire consumers to enjoy every moment to the fullest.
heineken 1
The team at Heineken also implemented technological tools such as 3D hologram technology in its performances to create bright, colourful and positive vibes throughout the event. Some of the performances include LED violin dance and lighting dance, water curtain dance, as well as aerial hoop dance from a 40-metre height. The performances illustrated the story of Heineken Silver’s brewing process, and each performance aimed to convey similarities between the Heineken Silver and Millennials’ spirit, convincing Millennials that Heineken Silver can meet their demands. 

For the main event, the launch of the Heineken Silver brand was done in what the team called “Heineken Blue Moment.” In the beginning of event, each target audience received an intelligent-led wristband and a beer can without label. The Heineken Blue Moment is when everyone activated their wristbands together, turning it from Heineken green to silver, while a Heineken Silver mock-up was unveiled on stage. At the same time, the bar station started served the new beer with Heineken Silver label. The Heineken Blue Moment brought an energy explosion, power and new outlook to millennials.
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The internal launch event of Heineken Silver saw positive traction and many compliments from within. The brand also managed to convey the new Heineken journey to Millennials and the participants got to experience Heineken Silver. 
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