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Indonesian influencer, known as Tommy Teja, has collaborated with Shopee Pay and mentions the perks of its functions, such as its suitability for MSME businesses, customer satisfaction, free transactions and its capability to help businesses to recover from the pandemic, reported Tempo.CO.
According to Teja’s LinkedIn, he’s a Shopee mentor, and part-time content creator, who primarily talks about business tips and who goes by @tommythings on TikTok. In addition, he’s also an entrepreneur at his own digital textile printing start-up in Indonesia. 
Shopee Pay has yet to respond to MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s queries on its initiative and collaboration with Teja.
Teja often mentions Shopee and its business perks in general, such as its updated features and their functionalities on his social media platforms. Teja shared earlier this year, that his business became successful because of it. Additionally, on Teja’s TikTok recent post, he demonstrated how to optimise Shopee’s video features and vouchers at the checkout page.
Engaging influencers who will provide honest reviews of products will resonate well across most of Asia. A recent report by Nielsen and Rakuten Insight Global said that Indonesia (61%), India (60%) and the Philippines (60%) are more influenced by content creators, and by comparison, however, the trick appears less likely to work in Hong Kong and Japan (both 16%).
Indonesia’s influencer market has been funded in past. President Joko Widodo’s administration was founded by the non-profit organisation Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), which spent IDR 90.4 billion on influencers.
According to ICW’s research, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy had 22 packages which procured the services of influencers since 2017 and they amounted to IDR77.66 billion. Although the Ministry of Communications and Information only had four procurement packages for influencers, they amount to IDR 10.83 billion.
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