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Apr 7
There are many ways to make money with online games without having to play.
It doesn’t matter if you are 12 or over 67.
The best side hustles are those that are proven.
And the online gaming industry turns over $85 billion every year.
What’s more, anyone anywhere in the world can start making money doing it.
And you will only need an iPhone, tablet or computer and more wi-fi.
TikTok is the world’s fastest growing social network since 2020.
Giving tips in short videos on how to play an online game well on TikTok, can be one of the best side hustles of the moment.
Get paid to coach others, teach them tips, and strategies, and help them get better at the game they want to master.
The key here is to position yourself as a child in the middle of a candy store. This can be done through videos, blog posts, and sharing useful tips and information.
Since success breeds success, you will slowly make yourself known on different social networks and send videos with secret information to followers.
Once you have enough audience to follow you, you can start giving hot advice, coaching, and teaching other people to think and play online games like you.
YouTube is still one of the best platforms to make money online.
Many of the video game players who became famous started out by uploading videos of their games to YouTube and Twitch.
Gradually they gained an audience, followers, and subscribers, and there came a time when their channel was approved to be monetized.
You only need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of annual views on YouTube.
If you are good at what you do this will be a piece of cake.
Also, the amount that YouTube will pay you will seem small, but as your channel grows, and more people subscribe and watch your videos, this income can increase exponentially.
Call this scalable income.
So much so that YouTube channels are the incomes of many players. They live entirely from it.
Some of the ways to make money from YouTube are:
You can earn extra income every time someone buys what you recommend through your specific links.
This is known as affiliate marketing.
Another way to earn money with YouTube is with channel membership.
If your channel adds a lot of value to online gaming users, they can donate money to motivate you to keep sending their favorite content.
It can be a small amount or a very large amount, depending on your number of followers.
In addition, all donations are tax-free. That is, if it is $10,000 that you receive, it will be the $10,000 in the account.
By now you should be familiar with NFTs.
NFTs — non-fungible tokens that are unique collectible cryptocurrencies with which you can play and generate income.
By participating in crypto NFT communities and playing NFT games, you will generate tokens that you can sell within a crypto broker and turn those tokens into dollars.
These NFT games have allowed many people to earn income above the average salary in their country simply by playing a few hours a day.
This is the case in countries like the Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina where the exchange rate of their local currency against the dollar was devalued.
It also gave them a much greater source of additional income than they would get from an average 9 to 5 job in their countries.
The most famous NFT games in the world today are “Plant vs Undead” and “Axie infinity”.
The first one was inspired by Pokémon where you can create little creatures called “axies” and make them fight each other and the second one is by the famous Plants vs Zombies game.
How much can I earn playing NFT games?
It depends if you do it as a hobby.
Money is only the payoff for a job well done.
If you are very good at what you do, you can participate in tournaments and become internationally known.
Many games have weekly and monthly tournaments. Where sponsors look for the best digital players to offer benefits and sometimes even pay to play.
If you are good, you can become not only a professional online player but also travel the world sponsored by big brands.
Side Hustle is not just for Millennials. Pick yours today and start making money online.
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