Hot Seat McCarthy: ESPN Says Cowboys Coach is 'Most Watched' – Sports Illustrated

There's now only two weeks left until the NFL regular season. On Tuesday, ESPN released its preseason power rankings, while including "one person in each organization — coach, general manager or player — who is firmly on the hot seat as the season starts."
The Cowboys came in at No. 10 on the list with coach Mike McCarthy identified as the hot seat candidate. Here's the explanation from ESPN's Todd Archer
"It's been this way since last season ended, and nothing has changed since, despite Jerry Jones' constant backing. McCarthy will be the most watched head coach this year because of the Sean Payton shadow and the way Jones took care of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. It's as if the Cowboys did not win 12 games last year, as the residue from the playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers has not disappeared. To his credit, McCarthy has not allowed the outside discussions of his job to impact how he coaches. Players say he has remained the same with them in temperament and in his demands."
McCarthy has already spoken out earlier this offseason on the topic, saying that he's tired of the "media driven narrative."
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“It’s irritating that the first question you ask me has nothing to do with how I do my job,” McCarthy told the Dallas Morning News. “I show up every day for work to win a championship. How do we win today? That’s what I’m asking. My viewpoint is it’s not a story. It’s a media-driven narrative, or at least a narrative driven outside my realm.”
The Cowboys had a 12-5 record last season, raising expectations going into the postseason. However, they lost their first playoff game, causing the residue that Archer referred to. Despite only having been coach of the Cowboys for two seasons, McCarthy was already on the hot seat.
When New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton retired shortly thereafter, Dallas fans started drooling over the idea of him leading the Cowboys. Suddenly, that shadow of Payton ended up being one that would follow McCarthy the rest of the offseason.
As Archer stated, Jones has adamantly stated his confidence in McCarthy this offseason. Nonetheless, the spotlight has never been brighter on the Dallas coach. It's time to see if McCarthy rises to the occasion or if it burns a hole right through him.


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