HIGHLIGHTS: Rappler+ briefing on the social media landscape in the 2022 Philippine elections – Rappler

How did candidates use social media during their campaigns? Who was targeted by coordinated networks online? What does this mean for the future of governance and citizens’ participation?
Participants recently learned what the social media landscape looked like during the 2022 Philippine elections In a Rappler+ briefing supported by the United Nations Joint Programme for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Philippines.
Gemma B. Mendoza, Rappler’s lead researcher on disinformation and platforms, presented a study that shed light on the kinds of narratives seeded in time for the elections. The study presented was based on over two million Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok posts gathered and analyzed. The number of posts gathered was higher than usual because there was generally more activity on social media during the election season.

The underlying message of the content studied targeted the press, tarnishing its reputation and credibility. According to Mendoza, “Mainstream media, to a certain degree, has been sidelined, and that has implications in terms of the kind of content that people are seeing online.”
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