'Flashy & Sexy': Are Dallas Cowboys Roster-Building the Right Way? – Sports Illustrated

OXNARD, Calif. – Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones get it – if by "it'' we mean the Cowboys Nation frustrations with the way the franchise has opted to "keep our powder dry'' as it regards present and future cap space.
The bigger question: Are the Jones-led Cowboys get it – "it'' being the best way to win a Super Bowl – right?
Said Stephen (via 105.3 The Fan): "There's no question when the (Los Angeles) Rams step up and do what they did and they win a Super Bowl … their mantra was, 'get some big-name players,' who did show up for them in the postseason, then that becomes, 'Hey, look at the Rams. Look at what they did. Everyone needs to emulate it.'
"It's a copycat league … I get that. I understand our fans' (frustrations). What we're doing here is certainly not a flashy, sexy way.''
Correct. It is not.
The team's cap space, currently second in the NFL at just over $22.4 million (best in the NFC and behind only the $48 million-plus in Cleveland), was among the many topics addressed by Jerry and Stephen Jones in their first statements of the Cowboys training camp proceedings in Oxnard. The plan with that money: to make sure the future contracts for the likes of CeeDee Lamb, Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs are doable.
And the Cowboys are aware that "signing our own'' is not viewed as "flashy and sexy.''
Dallas wide receiver Jalen Tolbert and Texas outfielder Bubba Thompson went to high school in Alabama.
Will Grier ruled the evening but Cooper Rush remains confident.
Our projection, with the understanding that in Dallas' case, there will be some transaction trickery before and after that deadline.
Jones did hint that if Dallas found a way to use the money, the Cowboys would not hesitate to do so.
Said Stephen: "We certainly do have some dry powder if we need to use it. I’ve always said about cap space it’s where you’ve massaged it to that point. I mean, you can create cap space. … But I do think we’re sitting in a good spot, one, to see what these young players can do, but, two, if we need to make improvements to this roster, and there’s opportunities to do that, then we’ll look at it.”
Owner Jerry Jones echoed his son's "dry powder" viewpoint but hinted that the cap space might prove to be an asset in the future … with cap space rolling over.
"We've got a little dry powder (but) that’s not necessarily for this season," Jerry Jones said. "That cap room is for (the) future as well. We all know that. And, so, you sum all of that up. And you got our best shot today as we go. Tomorrow is another day and we, not that we have anything in mind, but I do believe in changing your mind and would in a second if it would help our team.”
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