'Disrespectful': Trevon Diggs 'Best CB in NFL,' Says Cowboys' Micah Parsons – Sports Illustrated

FRISCO – Micah Parsons has spent this offseason following his brilliant rookie year basking in the celebrity spotlight. He is suddenly "The Guy'' as a member of the Dallas Cowboys defense, almost in the same way Dak Prescott is "The Guy'' for the offense.
And recently Micah wisely took that spotlight and pointed it at a teammate.
Without a doubt, I thought he was the best defensive player in the league last year,'' Parsons said of Trevon Diggs.
“The guy had 11 interceptions,” Parsons said, via USA Today. “We’ve never seen it. I’ve never even seen someone come close to that since I’ve been alive. We haven’t all seen it, and it’s a shame that it got degraded because of, they say, the yards that he gave up … We’ve seen 20 sacks before. But in this era, we’ve never seen no one reach over 10-plus interceptions, so it’s disrespectful, to me, because I think he deserves all the credit in the world and deserves to be named a top-five corner, if not the best corner in the league.”
Diggs is in fact considered by most observers "a top-five cornerback.'' He was named to the Pro Bowl and named All-Pro after his notable 11-interceptions effort in 2021. There are areas in which he can improve – Diggs himself concedes that – but Parsons' point is an important one.
How much more does Diggs have to do to get his critics to "get it''?
Maybe Micah's campaigning will help.
Parsons has talked about breaking the NFL sack record and he's even half-joked about leading the Cowboys in interceptions (we say "half-joked'' because never in his college and pro career has he recorded even one interception). He's dropped the puck at a hockey game, hit long balls in a Home Run Derby, bragged about his skills as a basketball player, and all in all, drawn a great deal of fun-loving attention to himself.
Said a witness, a coach named Heith Mayes: Aqib "ran across the field and ran over on our sideline and got in the ref's face … he threw the first punch at (coach) Mike.''
For both teams, the quarterback competition is officially on, and now will continue – and maybe reach its end – in Friday's Seahawks at Cowboys preseason closer.
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is so often a lightning rod when it comes to rankings.
But here's the grandest thing about Micah's high-profile offseason: His unselfishness as a teammate.
He's also talked of teaming with Diggs to match the Rams' Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey as the NFL's best defensive dynamic duo, and this "sharing of the spotlight'' is going to be a key component of his locker-room leadership in the coming years.
He's 23. And yet he "gets it.''
“I want Diggs to keep doubling down, to keep being him because that’s what makes him the player he is — his confidence, his willingness to go after the ball,'' Micah said. "That’s what makes him Diggs, not because he don’t give up no yards. I’ve seen a lot of corners not give up yards, but their teams aren’t winning games.''
And we've seen a lot of football players become celebrities. But if they do it Dak's way and Micah's way? Their teams figure to win a lot of games.
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