Congress seen to pass SIM card registration bill this year – The Manila Times

HOUSE Committee on Information and Communications Technology Chairman and Navotas Rep. Tobias “Toby” Tiangco is confident that Congress will be able to pass the SIM Card Registration bill before the end of the year.
The House of Representatives targets to approve the measure on third and final reading before the lower chamber goes on recess on Oct. 1, 2022.
The chamber has approved the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card Registration bill on second reading. “We will be on recess starting October 1, so let's see if we can pass it this September but definitely the SIM Card Registration will be passed into law within the year,” Tiangco said.
The House version of the bill mandates the mandatory registration of all pre-paid and postpaid cards.
“This is exactly the same bill that was passed in the 18th Congress by the House of Representatives which does not cover the social media registration,” Tiangco noted.
Former president Rodrigo Duterte vetoed the proposed law because of the inclusion of the social media provision in the final version of the measure.
Tiangco said once the measure takes effect, all SIM cards must be registered within 180 days after the start of the implementation of the law.
“The House version mandates the need to provide the required information, including the full name, date of birth, gender and the address, and provide a government-issued identification card,” he said.
The measure tasked the seller, telecommunication companies and concerned government agencies to secure the data provided to them.
“The unauthorized release of the data provides P5,000 to P50,000 fine for direct sellers; for telcos, first offense is P300,000, second offense is P500,000 and third offense is P1 million,” Tiangco said.
A separate measure is also pending before his committee on the no call, no email and text promos.
Tiangco said the measures will address the proliferation of text scams in the country.
“This is not a silver bullet but it's a first step to identify those behind these text scams,” he added.


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