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Coats Digital is delighted to announce that following the implementation of its GSDCost, top Vietnamese leisure and sportswear manufacturer, Son Ha Garment Joint Stock Company (JSC) is on way to enhance its efficiency improvement goal by more 50 per cent.
‘GSDCost’, a well-known method-time cost solution for garment costing and sustainable manufacturing, initially helped improved the core style Standard-Minute-Values (SMV) of the company by 10 per cent.
The much-talked about GSDCost offers accurately recorded SMVs through helpful, standard motion digitised codes so that manufacturers could optimise the costing process, enhance manufacturing efficiencies, introduce achievable performance targets and ultimately increase sales to optimise profitability.
It is a method analysis and pre-determined timing solution that is frequently used by manufacturers throughout the world.
With the help of this new tool, brands and manufacturers may easily determine the fair living wage allowed for a specific garment in any factory worldwide as well.
Notably, Coats Digital’s updated Globalised Fair Wage Tool incorporates the International Standard Time for each individual style together with the nation’s fair living wage, contractual hours and specialised production efficiency.
With the usage of GSDCost, the Vietnamese manufacturer Son Ha Garment JSC has enhanced productivity, boosted order and cost planning visibility, decreased overtime costs, upgraded on-time delivery and fair wage negotiation in costing proposals.
It has been progressively integrated throughout the organisation. The installation across the unit also saved hundreds of work hours.
As data and cost planning reports were only based on previously manually obtained data, Son Ha Garment JSC regularly battled with productivity because it was challenging for team members to find the information they needed.
Additionally, the lack of accurate costing information made it impossible to reach a definite agreement with customers, which wasted crucial time.
Patrick Chau, Customer Success Manager at Coats Digital, said “We are content that Son Ha Garment JSC has achieved such remarkable efficiency results following its deployment of GSDCost. The only way that fashion manufacturers can stay ahead of the game is to quickly digitise their processes, as the industry is going more competitive with constant pressure to lower costs and small orders. Standardising SMV calculations is a sure-fire way to boost production efficiency, bring fact-based, stable cost negotiations, lower overtime costs and cut down on material waste, all the while motivating staff with attainable performance targets and quickly responding to orders with more complex requirements.”
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