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Somewhere George Halas has to be smiling. It's certain George McCaskey is.
The Bears are the fifth most valuable NFL team, according to Forbes' annual assessment of NFL franchises. Last year the Bears were seventh, but have leapfrogged San Francisco and Washington.
In fact, the Bears are one of four teams whose value has increased by more than 40% since last year when value was assessed.
According to Forbes, the Bears have had an increase in value of 42% to $5.8 billion in value. They are reported to have had a $155.7 million operating income over the last year.
In explaining why the Bears are so highly valued despite a 6-11 record for 2021 and no playoff wins since 2010, Forbes' Mike Ozanian looked at about everything possible from a business angle.
"The Bears are the lone NFL team in the country's third-largest market, a big attraction for a wealthy buyer looking to break into the league," Ozanian wrote. "In addition, the Bears are moving toward getting either a new stadium in suburban Arlington Heights or a renovation of Soldier Field. Both scenarios would add a lot of money to the team’s coffers."
The Arlington Heights property no doubt would add more money to the coffers as they would own the stadium. The Bears lease Soldier Field, although it is a very sweet lease at $6.48 million a year according to the Chicago Tribune.
Consider what the Bears might be worth if: 1) they could become a consistent playoff team and winner; 2) Justin Fields proved to be the quarterback they suspect; 3) they eventually get an indoor stadium built in Arlington Heights and they are primary owners.
The other teams to increase in value by at least 40% are the Buffalo Bills (50%), Las Vegas Raiders (49%) and Cleveland Browns (48%).
The teams ranked in value ahead of the Bears are Dallas at $8 billion, the Patriots at $6.4 billion, the Rams at $6.2 billion and the Giants at $6 billion.
Green Bay ranks 15th in value at $4.25 billion, Minnesota 18th at $3.925 billion and Detroit 31st at $3.05 billion.
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