Through years of consistent growth and dynamic experiences as a young Nigerian business man in the diaspora, Barry Okojie has evolved to become one of Nigeria’s leading lights in the tech revolution, harnessing its potential to transform lives and society, creating a fresh conversation for Nigeria and the continent of Africa. 
Understanding quite early as a migrant student in the country of Canada, the role of having ready and available infrastructure for transformational human development and economic transformation, Barry became fiercely passionate about recreating these opportunities in Nigeria especially for the youth population, taking advantage of digital infrastructure to access fresh realities and opportunities.
This passion led to Barry, away from owning other thriving businesses within and outside Nigeria, to found Jaraa Technologies Limited, a digital stable for delivering multiple tech inspired platforms and opportunities, all of which will be designed to improve Nigeria’s productivity index across age demography, but with special attention on the youth. 
The leading product from this stable is, one of Nigeria’s fastest rising e-commerce platforms today, with a special bias for helping small businesses in Nigeria grow, providing free business awareness support for small business owners without the funds to rent shops, make media noise about their products or services and pay online charges to achieve eye balls and patronage, hence, helping them grow their businesses by making more sales and expanding their businesses. 
Barry explained a key motivation for creating, how it was aimed primarily, at improving productivity amongst youths. “I noticed people sell stuff and run businesses from their homes without having a shop and in most cases, these business owners are students or young people who either want to make extra money from their craft, or want to grow a business from their homes or university hostels. Jaraa gives them an online shop for free, and helps them expose their crafts or businesses as the case may be, helping them sell faster and grow their businesses, all the while, protected by a very respectable level of security.”
Barry has aligned his values of seizing tech momentum to improve productivity, with the operations of Jaraa Technologies Limited by announcing the next product from the stable of Jaraa Technologies Limited, and how it will bridge the knowledge gap required to drive innovation and growth across Nigeria and Africa. 
He says it will be an educational application for skills acquisition across Africa that will be interactive, free, and impactful in contributing to the rise of the knowledge economy. This drive feeds into the need for a deliberate deviation from natural resources dependence, to human resources dependence, as being fundamental to the future of any nation serious about development and being at par with contemporaries in a fast evolving world.
Marketing Agency: Digital Square Limited


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