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The imminent launch of 5G technology in Nigeria has been raising concerns about job losses as more businesses and processes are expected to get automated. This is premised on the fact that 5G technology will drive the massive deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial intelligence (AI), such that less human labour would be required in offices and homes.
However, industry experts, while not discountenancing the fact automation will reduce human jobs in certain areas, said the technology will create huge opportunities for more jobs in different areas. According to them, the preceding technology, 4G, has created more digital jobs for many Nigerians with the emergence of content creators earning huge revenue from uploading content on YouTube, adding that 5G would do more.
Noting that 5G will lead to loss of some jobs and create many other job, an IT expert, Mr. Adewale Adeoye, said: “While the fear of job loss due to 5G technology driving IoT and AI is not unfounded, people must know that though some jobs may be lost, more opportunities will be created in every sector of the economy. The important thing is for people to position themselves for new opportunities by being digitally compliant.
“If we trace the evolution of these technologies, we will realise that each generation of technology comes with new opportunities and enablement. 1G was only for calls, 2G added text messages to it, while 3G brought internet to our phones. While video streaming and large uploads and downloads were difficult with 3G, 4G makes that very easy and that has created job opportunities for many Nigerians in the digital content space. 5G will do more than this as it will enable Nigerians to do more with ultra-high-speed internet.”
According to the Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Nigeria, Adia Sowho, “Every major technological evolution redefines what is possible – changing the way we live and the way we connect. MTN Nigeria has been at the forefront of every leap in telecommunications: from GSM to 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G has the potential to change everything. It will allow us to connect, create, collaborate, and compete in ways we’ve not even begun to imagine.”
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Also highlighting the opportunities in 5G, the Executive Vice President, Telecom Business, Gupshup, Dr Inderpal Singh Mumick, said: “5G is a transformative technology that enables new types of services that were not possible before. 5G gives a broadband experience with hundreds of mbps capacity. 4G unleashed the video revolution. People are now used to watching videos on their mobile phones because the speed is sufficient for it. 5G is upgrading that to the level where the video quality improves.
“Data will be held on the server side and cloud. Cloud adoption will grow rapidly and allow individuals to process and move data to their phones. The launch of 5G comes with an opportunity for Nigerian entrepreneurs to develop solutions that utilise this extra firepower. It will also transform the way consumers interact with businesses through messaging apps.”
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Instead of concentrating on properly educating its citizens to take advantage (or even create) life-changing technologies, some Nigerians and their policy-makers seem more keen on retaining archaic technology to protect low-paying bottom-barrel jobs. SMH
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