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By Modupe Gbadeyanka
Subscribers of Airtel Nigeria have been assured faster internet speed and improved user experience as a result of a recent upgrade of its network.
In a statement issued by the firm, it was stated that customers in urban areas and major cities will now start experiencing much faster speed with lower latency when they stream movies, watch live sports, play online games, download heavy files, or engage in other activities on the Internet.
It was gathered that the extensive network optimization and modernization of the leading telecommunications services provider’s network was to offer customers unrivalled data speed as well as enhance their overall mobile Internet experience.
With this move, customers on the Airtel network can now enjoy a seamless, faster, and more rewarding experience when they browse on their phones or latch on to the Airtel Home Broadband devices including Mifis, routers and Outdoor Units (ODUs).
“Airtel is committed to ensuring that its customers enjoy the best and fastest Internet speed as well as network experience in the country.
“With the modernization exercise, we have significantly improved our Internet speed across major cities in the country. Without a doubt, this programme will empower customers to become more productive and successful in their personal and professional lives, also contributing to the growth of the overall economy,” the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of Airtel Nigeria, Mr Surendran Chemmenkotil, stated.
Recently, Airtel Nigeria also announced a major upgrade and overhaul of its network infrastructure nationwide in a move to ensure its over 50 million customers continue to enjoy the best experience on voice call and mobile Internet services.
As part of the exercise, Airtel upgraded all its 2G and 3G sites to 4G to deliver expansive mobile broadband and a flawless voice call experience.
Airtel noted that it was committed to supporting the federal government’s agenda of increasing and expanding the penetration of broadband in the country.
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By Adedapo Adesanya
Vodacom Tanzania Plc has launched Tanzania’s first 5G network in what promises to be a transformational development in the country’s digital journey.
The company’s Acting Managing Director, Ms Hilda Bujiku, launched the 5G technology service in the presence of the Minister of Information, Communications and Information Technology, Nape Nnauye, in Dar es Salaam on Thursday.
According to Ms Bujiku, the 5G service rollout will start with the establishment of over 200 5G sites in Tanzania’s regions such as Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Dodoma, Mwanza, Iringa, Kagera, Njombe, and also Zanzibar, among other areas by November 2022.
“We promise to continue using technology to improve the lives of Tanzanians and lead the digital transformation. As we launch 5G, we plan to reach 90 per cent of Tanzanians with 3G and 45 by 2024,” she added.
While addressing the audience, Mr Andrew Lupembe, Director of Network at Vodacom Tanzania, provided context on why the network operator launched the 5G technology instead of enhancing 4G in the country.
According to him, the launch of 5G means businesses should look forward to the great transformation such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and remote access to Healthcare, among other great rewards in sectors such as education, transportation, and tourism.
He noted that; “4G is good, but due to community demands, there was a need for higher technology with low latency, hence 5G. It will address a lot of challenges in Tanzania.”
Recently, MTN Nigeria Communications Plc, a subsidiary of MTN Group Limited, also launched 5G network service in select cities in Nigeria.
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had given MTN Nigeria Communications Limited and Mafab Communications Limited the 5G license but Mafab sought an exemption from the rollout plan citing technical reasons.
By Adedapo Adesanya
The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued an amended Determination of Mobile (Voice) International Termination Rate (ITR) for implementation in the Nigerian Telecommunications Industry effective from September 1, 2022.
The ITR for voice services paid for terminating international calls on local networks in Nigeria is now set at $0.10, from the old rate of $0.045.
In a statement, NCC’s Director of Public Affairs, Mr Reuben Muoka, noted that under the amended determination, the international carrier market has been classified into Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)/International Carriers and Small/Nigerian Transit Carriers/International Data Access (IDA) Operators to ensure a level playing field that recognizes the unique disposition and characteristics of genuine market participants.
According to him, the Nigerian Transit Carriers/IDA Operators shall terminate inbound international calls in the network of domestic operators at a discount of 21 per cent on the $0.10 (10 cents).
He explained that in determining the ITR, the commission carefully considered information and insights from stakeholders at different meetings and fora, which reviewed the previous rate and the industry’s operating environment.
This is in addition to the cost model results, the state of competition in the sector, and the Nigerian macroeconomic environment.
Mr Moka noted that arriving at the ITR was conducted transparently to provide maximum clarity to all parties without compromising the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information.
He expressed confidence that the new ITR, the outcome of the various engagements, will significantly contribute to the development of the telecoms sector in Nigeria and benefit subscribers, operators, and the country at large.
Meanwhile, the Mobile Termination Rates of N3.90 (for Generic 2G/3G/4G Operators) and N4.70 (for new entrants – Long Term Evolution (LTE)/Small Operators determined in 2018) will continue to apply for local call terminations until the commission makes a new determination.
By Adedapo Adesanya
Nigerian unicorn, Interswitch, has revealed that it is not cutting jobs amid global shocks that are causing tech companies to resize their workforce.
The business environment is globally facing economic turbulence that is seeing companies like Twitter, Netflix, Walmart, and other startups downsize.
The African continent has not been exempted with tech startups with footprints in Nigeria like Getequity, Alerzo and 54gene, among others, also reportedly downsizing. Unicorns are not exempted with Francophone Africa-centred company, Wave cutting about 15 per cent of its workforce in June.
However, the CEO of Interswitch, Mr Mitchell Elegbe, while responding to a query from Business Post at an event to mark the 20th year of the company’s existence in Lagos, stated that the firm does not have most of the challenges that other fintechs have, adding that the organisation has enough in the reserves to withstand shocks.
“We run a very profitable business, we are not in the business of raising funds every year because we are able to generate enough money to grow our business. When you are able to grow profitably, you keep reserves for those shocks.
“Last year, Interswitch wanted to recruit about 300 more staff, but we did about 250, we couldn’t get the number we wanted, we lost some but there is still a big gap to fill,” Mr Elegbe said.
The Interswitch CEO added that the company will be looking to recruit more hands as it continues to deliver its expansive services.
“Interswitch has no intention. Retrenchment is not even anywhere near the horizon. In the last 20 years, we never had to retrench staff. We believe in growing sustainably… we try to grow in a way that we can sustain,” he added.
He noted that although shocks were not unprecedented, Interswitch’s management has designed its structure to withstand the pressures building on its experience of 20 years.
“The first thing when you do when you receive shocks is not to shock your staff; they have got families, they have got dependents, and there is a lot more that happens when you retrench staff and for Interswitch, even in the instance we are not profitable, it is our responsibility that our staff can meet their responsibilities.”
While analysts point out that job cuts take second place behind the competition for talent as the biggest concern for companies in 2022, Mr Elegbe said that the company is creating a structure that makes it competitive within the ecosystem.
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