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Aaron Rodgers, Kyrie Irving, and the $220 million net worth Novak Djokovic, all refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine, and one analyst believes they did the right thing.
The Packers quarterback had a dramatic 2021-22 offseason in terms of what happened to him off the field. Rodgers had indicated that he was vaccinated before the season by saying that he was ‘immunized.’
For most of the world, immunized meant vaccinated, but for Rodgers, that meant going through his own treatment. When he contracted Covid-19, his vaccination status was revealed for everyone, and he drew a lot of criticism for lying to everyone. Recently, Rodgers appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast to defend himself.
Among other things, Aaron Rodgers said that he’s played games on Percocet before, which he later admitted was a bad idea.pic.twitter.com/qRXPUqpGok
— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) August 28, 2022

In the NBA, Kyrie Irving made headlines of his own when he refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine, making him ineligible for New York home games. The Nets wrestled with Kyrie’s situation the entire year, first not activating him, and then making him only available for open games, until the mandate was dropped, and he could appear in every game.
Djokovic also refused to take the vaccine, and now with the US open coming up, he’s being denied the ability to play because he’s unvaccinated.
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Analyst Clay Travis, with a net worth of $10 million, recently wrote a piece on how Rodgers, Irving, and Djokovic were all justified in their actions. He claimed that they were brave in standing up to the US government just like Muhammad Ali did once.
Of course, the comparison is wild to think about first, but Travis tried to show the three athletes in a positive light when everyone else was bashing them.
Ali made a stand back in the 1900s when he refused to fall under the US government’s agenda of going to war. He was required to, but Ali didn’t believe the US should be in the war, and it strictly conflicted with his beliefs.
Ali lost his title because of his stance, but it was admirable, and showed the division of the country at the time. Travis alluded to this comparison, saying that while many people were against Ali in the moment, looking back on it now, it’s probably one of the most commendable acts we can think of.
He believes that Rodgers, Kyrie, and Djokovic are all also in the right:
“And as I thought about all three of these men, and their willingness to stand up to the full power of the attempted COVID mandates in the United States government, I couldn’t help but think about Ali and the Vietnam draft mandates.”
“These three athletes are doing what Ali did, they are speaking truth to power, standing on principle over money and praise, directly defying the United States government because they believe that in a democracy some things are more important than universal acclaim. They’re doing exactly what the woke sports media claims we want all athletes to do, using their platforms to speak inconvenient truth to power.”
You can read the whole article here.
Every sports media member who has ripped @DjokerNole @AaronRodgers12 & @KyrieIrving should publicly apologize. They’ve been 100% right about covid government mandates, making themselves modern day Ali’s opposing Vietnam. They’re on right side of history: https://t.co/3nN5iibu9m
— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) August 28, 2022

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