‘A Lot of Chaos:' Dashcam Captures Hit-and-Run Crash That Left 3 Men Dead – NBC Chicago

Police are still searching for a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run that left three people dead on Chicago’s Far South Side, and new video has emerged from the horrific event.
It happened just after 5 a.m. Sunday near the intersection of 71st Street and Jeffery in the South Shore neighborhood, according to police.
An eyewitness told NBC 5 that she had just left the nearby Jeffery Pub and was speaking to another individual when a car came flying down the street.
“I was standing outside the bar talking to one of the victims,” she said. “I took like three steps, and a car came and hit him and he flew over the car.”
Dashcam footage taken from another vehicle shows the frightening scene unfold. Several people are in the street, with several engaged in a physical altercation, when a car comes into view.
The vehicle ultimately hit four of the men at a high rate of speed, then fled from the scene.
All four men were taken to area hospitals, with three succumbing to their injuries, according to police. A fourth victim was seriously injured, and is still hospitalized.

Jeffery Pub posted a message on its Facebook page after the incident.
“Our hearts are heavy this morning that such a tragic event has occurred,” the bar said in a statement. “We always encourage everyone to leave and to go their vehicles right away to make it home safe, and tonight, this happened.”
The woman who witnessed the crash firsthand described the chaotic scene.
“A lot of chaos,” she said. “He got hit and ‘boom, boom, boom,’ other people were getting hit, and I was just focused on who I was in front of.”
Police have not yet identified a suspect in the crash, and are actively seeking information from eyewitnesses to determine who was responsible for the incident.


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