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Accommodation is one of mankind’s most essential needs. However, it doesn’t come cheap. This reality is most problematic in Africa where millions of people often resort to shanties/ghettos, due to their inability to afford decent living conditions.
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In this article, we shall be looking at 9 most expensive countries to rent a one bedroom apartment in Africa. This is based on property price to income ratio, which Investopedia defines as the ratio between a median home price compared to the median annual household income within a particular region.
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While compiling the list, we also considered affordability index, which basically measures “an average person’s ability to purchase a particular item, such as a house in a particular region, or to afford the general cost of living in the region.”
Also note that the statistics used in compiling this listicle is courtesy of Numbeo, the leading global provider of perceived consumer prices and other statistics.
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Below are the 9 most expensive African countries to rent a one bedroom apartment
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