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SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — There is a story behind every snap of a photo.
“When you capture it on a photo, you’re about to come back to that place in time and revisit that emotion,” said Will Lange, co-owner Nelson’s photo and video.
Inside nelson’s photo and video, it’s history. Nelson’s is the oldest camera store in San Diego. It’s celebrating 72 years in business. Something Lange said is a feat with big business competition.
“But nelson’s stood the test of time because of customer service and fairness. Not that long ago, they started instituting minimum pricing, which made it so the online retailers couldn’t undercut us,” said Lange.
Although we are in the digital age, where we can snap a photo and video and see it instantly people want to keep it old school.
“The hottest form of photography is actually film photography,” he explained.
He said pandemic hobby’s played a role. Lange said the store is processing two hundred rolls every week and the wait time to get a roll developed is about a week and a half.
“It’s amazing and when something catches trend like that- especially with the younger generation. It’s just like a wildfire,” said Lange.
Nelson’s Photo and Video are hosting a block party at the Point Loma Plaza Sunday from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. to celebrate the anniversary and its grand re-opening.
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