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Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa because of its prodigious economy, rich mineral resources and is one of the top 10 oil-producing countries in the world. With all these, there is still a huge gap when it comes to development, and this has impacted every sphere of the citizen’s life negatively, especially unemployment.
According to Doris Dokua Sasu, in 2022, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is estimated to reach 33%. This figure was projected to be at 32.5% in the preceding year. Chronological data shows that the unemployment rate in Nigeria rose constantly in the past years. In the fourth quarter of 2020, over 33% of the labour force was unemployed, according to Nigerian methodology. These data are an indication that one really needs to be on the lookout for job roles that are in high demand so as to give one the edge of gaining employment faster.
It is not news that some degrees acquired in Nigerian tertiary institutions have a lesser chance of finding employment in the labour market. This is because some of these courses are not marketable.  Most of us made that mistake during our undergraduate days. All we wanted was to gain admission and become graduates without considering if the course has job opportunities after graduation. Though the mistake has been made, there is still ample time to correct these slipups. So, in this article, we are going to outline some of the job roles that are high in demand and the necessary things to do in order to fit in as a fresh graduate irrespective of what you studied in school.
Despite the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, there are a lot of high demand jobs that thrive economically, with high-paying incomes and very good for career growth. They include the following;
This role is very crucial in the labour market. Every organization needs this professional in the running of the business. Their major deliverables are to develop and implement new strategies to upsurge ROI, penetrate new markets, attract new clients, increase customers’ loyalty and retain the existing ones. Someone who is very good with negotiation, persuasion, research, analysis and possesses customer service skills will be a good fit for this role.
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One will ask how they can get started. Firstly, you can be lucky to get an internship role where you will be trained on the job. In another case, you can take free courses online.  Udemy and Coursera offer great courses on this role. This will enable you to upskill and be competent on the job. The entry pay for this role ranges between N150,000-N250,000, asides from other benefits like commissions.
With the inventions of technology and social media, one of the quickest ways to secure a good-paying job in Nigeria is through the digital marketing field. There are numerous products to advertise and sell through social media via content creation, making a lot of organizations to be on the lookout for people good at this role.  The digital marketing field is arguably one of the biggest sources of income for many Nigerians as the field requires less or no qualification to start and the turnout is also fast and flexible. To be proficient in this role, all you need to do is to take some courses online or pay to attend some physical classes.
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A digital marketer in Nigeria may earn millions of Naira while some may be surviving with pennies.  An average digital marketer in Nigeria can earn up to N250,000. Depending on your ability to thrive and make sales you can earn double folds of that or even more.
Human Resources is also one of the most well-paying jobs with high demand in Nigeria. These guys are responsible for recruiting, training, and managing employees. Their salary is mouth-watering as a human resources worker can earn up to N300,000 in a month depending on the nature of the place and the work sector. Taking a professional course like the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) will help to equip you and make you exceptional in the role.
Chartered Accountants are professional accountants who provide financial expertise to inform the management of business entities and organizations. There is high demand for this role and finding a job in this profession is relatively easy. Chartered accountants manage financial systems and budgets, audit accounts, analyse risks, and detect financial fraud as well as provide reliable financial information. To become a chartered accountant in Nigeria, you must spend at least 3years getting a professional certificate from ICAN, ACA, and other professional bodies. The average pay for a start is N150,000 per month and can be double or more based on your level of proficiency and the company/firm that employs you.
This is one of the jobs that is financially rewarding in Nigeria. A project manager is a person who has the overall responsibility for the successful planning, designing, execution, monitoring, and controlling of a project.  For a fresh graduate that wants to become a project manager in Nigeria, you will need a certification from the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and the Project Institute (PMI). A project manager earns N139,000-N457,000 per month.
Data analysts are experts trained to use the knowledge of data to examine and change data models in order to uncover valuable knowledge which helps in decision-making. To become a data analyst you need to learn data science basics, get data science certifications and learn from other experts in the field. Their average salary ranges from N250,000 to N400,000 monthly.
Among the highest-paid workers in Nigeria are the communication workers. They’re responsible for making communication plans, coordinating events, and making materials in an organization with communication activities. Communication workers in Nigeria can earn millions of naira monthly.
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An eye opener.
Is adult education relate to human resources
What are the qualifications for corporate communications?
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Mass communication.
There’s no course incapable of yielding untold wealth anywhere in the world…. INCLUDING IN NIGERIA UNIVERSITIES….
Whatever scales down the demands of any course is environmentally temporary.
This could be reversed by more knowledge acquisitions, exposures, sophistication.
In case you missed, an in-depth knowledge of banking professional would reveal that bankers display more expertise in accounting than Accountants…bankers interrogate expansively accounting details than Accountants in practice.
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You’re right tho, buh not completed, how about IT guys, Art Directors, Web Developer, UI/UX Designers, 3d Artist, Animator Nd so on
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Good illustration, but I can understand in my own opinion that for any one to think outside Nigeria for his or her building career should go for IT computer technology, Engineering (any field), Health sector (e.g doctors, nurses, day care etc) and your hand work too is an added advantage which will not make you to be stranded in one way or the other. Thank you
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You are right in the tips .. but my major challenge (s) is money to learn one of these skills because no employer is ready to teach or employ inexperienced on the role,,, all they wanted is experienced experienced experienced!!!..
And you can learn any for free…. Please I need job so I can learn and pay for the classes..
I really need to learn the skills in accounting, data Analysis and digital marketing..
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Is adult education related to human resource
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