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6 Best Untapped Markets for Real Estate Investing Abroad: Report
6 Best Untapped Markets for Real Estate Investing Abroad: Report
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For people interested in retiring and purchasing property abroad, Live and Invest Overseas, an international publishing company, has come up with six markets it found to be largely untapped.
In some cases, the real estate market is depressed, and exchange rates and financing terms are favorable.
“With our list, we hope property investors will consider buying real estate in a country where they like spending time and can visit for a vacation getaway, but for the remainder of the year can rent it out for extra income,” commented Lief Simon, global property investment expert, said in a statement. 
“Unlike stocks and shares, real estate is a tangible asset and the pandemic shouldn’t deter investors from capitalizing on major international opportunities to grow their portfolios and secure a better future.”
See the gallery for the six best international investment property markets, as described by Live and Invest Overseas.
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