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On my flight back from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., I passed through the rows of passengers, and I noticed one person had his eyes fixated on the 2017 Nollywood movie titled, “10 Days in Sun City.” My first impression of this was to highly commend the success story of the Nigerian film industry on an international scale.
It is one thing to have Nollywood films on the in-flight entertainment for international flights, but to see them on the local flight was a bit of a surprise. Nigerian creative industry continues to grow from strength to strength. A thought in my head conceptualized how the film and the other areas of the creative industry can further thrive with the help of investment from people in the diaspora.
Investing in the Nigerian creative industry does come with a lot of background information and an understanding of the industry landscape. Here are the five things one must know before investing in the creative industry in Nigeria.
Production houses are hardly available. The lack of steady electricity, especially in remote areas, also restricts people from access to music and even movies. Perhaps a close look at the challenges may create opportunities for would-be investors.
Despite the negatives, the Nigerian market and its creative industry still present opportunities for foreign investors to take advantage of the space. The creative industry remains very valuable by helping to showcase the best of Nigeria’s talent to the globe and by announcing to the world that Nigeria is open for business.
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Written by Paul Olele
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