40 more foreigners request intervention from anti human trafficking helpline – Khmer Times

General Khieu Sopheak, Secretary of State and spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, has confirmed that 40 more foreigners – amongst them Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Indian nationals – have requested intervention from the anti human trafficking helpline
The spokesman said that, for September 9, 2022, Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Chairman of the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking (NCDD), received 21 more complaints requesting intervention in cases of detention and trafficking. T
The general stated that the complaints came from 13 Chinese, 1 Malaysian, 4 Vietnamese, 8 Taiwanese and 14 Indians
From August 18, 2022 to September 9, 2022, a total of 175 complaints related to the request for intervention to rescue foreigners who were claimed to be in detention. were received
It should be noted that the Deputy PM recently issued a letter calling on the national and international public, foreign missions in Cambodia and the competent authorities of the countries concerned to continue to provide information related to human trafficking and other transnational crimes to prevent and crack down in a timely and effective manner.
The Royal Government of Cambodia also remains committed to complying with applicable laws to combat fraud and technology extortion, drug offenses, money laundering and illegal online gambling, and to continue to provide protection and save both Cambodians who are victims of trafficking abroad and rescue foreigners who are victims of trafficking in Cambodia.
In the meeting of the Council of Ministers on the morning of September 9, the Royal Government of Cambodia also issued strict orders to all capital, provincial and local administrations, as well as relevant authorities to launch a campaign to fight and suppress crimes, drugs and trafficking, forced labor, and sex work.
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