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When thinking about creating lasting wealth and financial stability you have to make sure that you are completely devoted to the subject of financial management. Because it all comes down to understanding the basis of finance that will help you successfully achieve your goals. To put this in other words, before you start investing and buying stocks you need to take an interest in the every single detail behind this concept. Taking these steps will only assist you in this whole process so that you can provide the needed safety measures even from the very beginning of this journey of buying stocks. 
Once you have a clear representation of what your goals represent you can proceed in finding the best company stocks to buy in Nigeria. Considering this, we have made a complete guide with the best three company stocks in Nigeria. Hence, take your time and carefully read through it so that you can gain the needed insight. 
Basic Facts
Before we take a look into the best company stocks to buy in Nigeria we have to start for the very beginning. If you are a beginner in the stock exchange businesses you have to know that you can only buy and sell stocks through the public companies form the Nigerian Stock Exchange which is based in Lagos. This means that you will have the assurance of dealing with legitimate companies and you will not have to worry about your investments. 
Then you can move on to finding the best company that has an approved stockbroking system according to the Nigerian laws and you can open your account. You have to make sure that you have all the necessary documents for identification because you are opening a private account. Making sure that all of those documents are up to date so that you can avoid any complications in the first stages of stock investment. Once you have everything in place you can find out how to purchase shares here and find the company that fits your needs and preferences.
11 Plc
If you are interested in petroleum products then you should take an interest to find out more about this company. 11 Plc is pronounced as “Double One Plc” and is a company that is dealing with the marketing of petroleum products, mainly in gas and oil. This company is formerly known under the name of Mobil Oil Nigeria plc. This is a company that has two major segments which are: petroleum products marketing and property business. 
Dealing with products that include petrol, diesel, lubricants, kerosene, and aviation fuel, we can see that this company has retail outlets that are located in over 40 states of Nigeria. This is a potential investing company and if you are interested in buying stocks you should take a deeper investigation and see the analysis of their annual stock charts so that you can easily make your decision. 
Abbey Mortgage Bank 
ABBEYBDS is a company that is dealing with mortgage services and their primary focus is a financial one. The Abbey Mortgage Bank besides its focus in mortgage services is also providing financial advisory and real estate construction finance. The principal activities are focused on the provision of mortgage services.
If you are interested in the field of finances then you should take a moment and study the profit rates as the market status is currently open.
Africa Prudential
This company is formerly known under the name of Africa Prudential Registrars Plc and functions as a share registration service provider in Nigeria. The main focus of this company is in the technological capital market and its symbol is AFRIPRUD. They work with a standard delivery provider for services dedicated to corporate organizations, but they also offer share registration services to public and private companies. 
The products they deal with are from the field of technology and if this company fits your interests the best you should definitely consider them for your stock purchase. 
No matter the field you are interested in, find the right time to invest in the stock market and make sure to follow the latest updates. 
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