3 News stories about the Chicago Bears you may have missed this week – Bear Goggles On

Chicago Bears (Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports)
The Chicago Bears are 2-0 on the season and have put on quite the show. Some may try to tell you it doesn’t matter because the starters did not accomplish as much as the reserves. I’m here to tell you that there are still plenty of positives to be had.
For starters, between preseason Week 1 and preseason Week 2, the Chicago Bears scored 43 unanswered points. They scored 19 to finish off the Chiefs and they scored another 24 against the Seahawks before they put up a single point. Now, the starters technically only scored three of those 43 points — none against the Chiefs and a field goal against Seattle. However, even having your backups score 40 unanswered points is an impressive feat.
We need to have a little more patience with the starters seeing they have only had four series while installing a new offense. We have also seen the offensive line shuffled around more often than not, but it does appear that the starters are set for Week 1 versus the San Francisco 49ers. A little more on that later. The point is that we need to allow the starters to get into a rhythm before being overly concerned. I’m not going to believe the offense is fixed or not due to four series, especially when the team is missing a few key players anyway.
What we need to look at though is the competent play-calling, even when the team is using more vanilla schemes. We need to look at the discipline instilled by the coaching staff that has led to fewer pre-snap penalties and penalties as a whole. This is what helps set the tone for the season and this team will be a more difficult win for teams than many think.
Alright, over the last couple of days, there were three big news stories surrounding the Chicago Bears that you may have missed.

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