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The Caribbean region has a broad range of vacancies in Accounting & Finance on www.caribbeanjobs.com.
These positions can be found in Barbados, Dominica, Guyana , St. Kitts and Montserrat.
Persons with the right mix of experience, skills and qualifications can compete for these positions.
The Job descriptions should be examined carefully before time is invested in the application process.
Here are 10 great Accounting and Finance jobs in Barbados, Dominica, Dominica, Guyana, St Kitts and Montserrat on www.caribbeanjobs.com:
 Snr Business Advisor – Internal Audit
KPMG Caricom Business Services Limited
Quantitative Credit Risk Consultant
KPMG Caricom Business Services Limited
Enhance Business Solutions
Administrative & Finance Assistant
Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology
Finance Manager
J. Astaphan & Co Limited
Assurance professionals
EY Caribbean
St. Kitts
Management Accountant
TDC Group of Companies
Financial Accountant
TDC Group of Companies
Human Resource Management Unit

Caribbeanjobs.com Tips (Caribbeanjobs.com Contributor Garth Francis MBA)
In 2022 many interviews will be taking place virtually. Job seekers can increase their odds of getting their desired job by approaching the virtual interview as effectively as possible. Certain issues should be considered when preparing for the virtual interview.
-Do you have the right hardware? You need to have the right tools that will allow you to connect with the interviewer. Ensure that you have a proper laptop, PC or tablet with a working camera and functional audio.
-Is your internet service reliable? Ensure that you don’t have connectivity problems which can prevent you from communicating effectively during the online interview.
 -Do you have the necessary software that will allow you to connect on the platform that the interviewer wants to use?
 -Can you establish a location that is secure, free from distractions and with a neutral background? Be sure to select a place in which you are comfortable so that you can fully focus on the interview.
 -Are you able to practice in your chosen settings with your hardware and software before the interview? Let a friend or colleague communicate with you virtually to confirm that everything works effectively.
 -What should you wear? It is still best to dress in professional attire even if you are in a virtual interview. 
-Is your body language appropriate? Be sure to have proper posture and try to maintain “Eye contact” during the interview.
 Picture yourself in a situation where your audio doesn’t work, or where persons burst into the room speaking loudly during the virtual interview.
Now envision a scenario where you are confidently interacting with the interviewer in a comfortable location while using the communication tools effectively.
Effective preparation is the key to a successful virtual interview.
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